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"Exploring colour"

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All our paintings for sale are made to pass on the energy and passion that painting has bought to A Painter's Dream.


It may be a gift, for a special occasion or simply something that feels just right for your space. 

We hope you enjoy browsing the gallery and hopefully you will discover that special something you are looking for.


A Painter's Dream is always open to requests if you have something specific in mind.  Complete our online enquiry form and we will get in touch.

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Custom Art 

Custom Art pieces made just for you.

It's just for me and you is a range of custom art paintings in
Brisbane designed specifically for your special someone
in your life, that may be your partner,
children, best friend or pets.


These custom art paintings are created as ordered. Bright
backgrounds celebrate your own unique taste coupled
with the contrast of black silhouttes create a
special piece that is just for you.

Fill out the Request Form and Rebecca will
contact you as soon as possible.

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Pricing Guide

Paintings vary slightly from artwork to artwork due to exact canvas size and detail of the artwork.

Here is a guideline to the four most common sizes request:

30cm x 40cm                      $120.00

35cm x 45cm                      $150.00

61cm x 92cm                      $250.00

92cm x 122cm                    $400.00

Payment plans can be arranged on larger canvas orders.