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Wouldn't be here without you

On the 2nd of November we are hosting a painting class to raise money for Eating disorders QLD.

This organisation is nothing short of amazing. I have had personal experience with the work that they do both as a person suffering from the hold of an eating disorder and as a support person for people on their recovery journey and am currently training in the speaker program to help share my experiences with others. I have seen 1st hand the importance of what they provide.

Eating disorders are a very serious mental health issue often co existing with other mental health issues which can cause great difficulty on the road to recovery. The point is that no matter how hard and impossible it may seem, recovery is possible and not only is it possible it is real. I spent 12 years fighting and still vividly remember engaging with what was then known as TEIC group program and experiencing understanding, connection, hope and respect in a safe space where I had previously been told that this was something I would now live with forever from health professionals.

If you had asked me 10years ago if recovery was possible I would have answered that this was a life sentence and that life from now on would be learning how to coexist with my ED and just survive. This disorder felt like I had been possessed by something far bigger and stronger than me and I was slowly losing myself. Ed is a cruel liar, a manipulator, a domestic violence perp living in your brain.

The work that Eating disorders QLD do provides not only information about what is happening to you with genuine understanding of what seems like "insanity" and makes no sense to the person who is in it or those around. They provide peer support and beautiful activities in both group therapy, one on one sessions and community meetings that focus on self esteem, compassion and hope. Not only do they provide support to those who have eating disorders but their loved ones too. They speak with medical professionals and the community raising awareness and much needed understanding of this illness.

I feel truly blessed to have found this wonderful organisation and their ongoing support not only through the dark times but the ongoing connection and support through the light.

Painting was something I reconnected with through my recovery, it gave me a true connection to myself, a special space I could spend time with myself in kindness and with compassion. I found a sense of calmness and peace. This is why i decided to follow this path of sharing the relaxing qualities of painting with others. Art is something that can bring something special to everyone it doesn't just have to be to help through difficult times it is something you can share socially, as a way to relax after a busy week or just for fun, it is what you want it to be to you.

We are holding this painting class with all profits going to the team to help with the work they do but also to say thank you, thank you for helping me get myself back and to be here sharing our classes with you all.

We will be creating our string pull feather dreamcatcher painting for this event

November 2nd

3pm to 5pm

Kedron Guides Hut, 44 Lawley Street Kedron


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1 Comment

December Medland
December Medland
Oct 25, 2019

Such an honest and uplifting post! Congratulations on continuing to be brave and strong and inspiring.

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