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Wonder of watercolour

We kicked off our Introduction to watercolour last month and it was so much FUN! I even jumped in as a participant and loved it!!!!

These classes are run a little differently to our usual acrylic workshops..

  1. You start the class with a basic introduction to watercolour paint, how you can use it and some handy tips. We then have a play around on a practise piece so you can see for yourself the way watercolour works.

  2. Next you work on the main artwork! Last month we designed bright blossoming flowers and a beautiful beachside destination. Every step is guided but of course we strongly encourage you to run wild and add your own unique touch!

This month we are going to be creating our own little lovebirds as the main artwork 🐦

Best of all you get to keep all your artworks at the end! These are great to use as cards or easy to frame!

No need to be nervous we are with you every step of the way, as with all our classes they are designed for fun, a creative outlet, connection and most of all relaxation!!!

Our next class is on Tuesday the 18th of June at 7pm and will run for 2hours.

It will be held in the girl guides but in Bradbury Park Kedron.

Byo is allowed.

All your equipment is supplied so you don't need to bring a thing!

Tickets are available at:

Hope to see you there!!!

Bec x

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