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Why Art and Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being in the present moment. Zoning out the intellectual judgmental part of our thinking brain to identify our true self. What we really feel. Art involves the functioning part of the brain deeply connected to our creativity, daydreaming and emotions. Art therefore is a gateway through which we can mindfully enter the space of our existence at this moment to feel connected with ourselves.

Working as a counsellor I utilise Mindfulness in my daily practise with clients as a way to cope with a range of mental health issues including, depression, anxiety, trauma, and phobias. The act of being present in a moment of time releases us from judgment, expectation, and rumination.

Creating art isn’t just for artists, art is for everyone! Within each of us lies a spark of creativity.

Thus, Art is beautiful way to get in touch with and express all that is symbolically hidden in our subconscious or unconscious minds.

At A Painter’s Dream we create a space for individuals, couples, or groups to explore and express themselves artistically using the principles of mindfulness in a nonjudgmental way to create a space and allow everyone to gain the benefits of art and mindfulness.

To experience the benefits of Mindfulness and Art, book into one of our classes here

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