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What we are feeling

The world we know has flipped, our reality is now unknown and this is uncomfortable.

I have read a few really good articles about this feeling we are experiencing at the moment. It is a loss, loss of our normal, loss of connection and intimacy and lack of safety even when we are home safe.

I through my reading have seen the word grief reoccurring. Each time I saw this word I found myself drawn to this. Grief is usually associated with death but anticipatory grief is something that arises when the future is uncertain. Knowledge is power and can help us make sense of what seems so unbelievable.

Please read this article that maybe you can relate to on what you may be experiencing

The power of our thoughts on our well-being is something I believe very strongly in, during this time it is so important to care for your mind not just your physical health.

Some ways to help with your mental health -

Movement/ exercise - stretching, have a dance, yoga, do some star jumps - get your body moving!

Meditation - this does not need to be hours in lotus, try some simple 5 minute guided relaxation meditations on YouTube or smiling minds app.

Creative therapy - THAT'S US! Paint, create, draw, make and just be in this moment

Staying connected via phone, email and facetime

Positive affirmations - positive self talk, be kind to yourself. Even if it's 1 nice thing each day say it out loud! I'm doing an interesting experiment atm I will be sharing soon

Sound - positive music and vibrations. Music is amazing at helping us process our emotions.

Gratitude statements - say 1 think you are grateful for, in times of loss, sadness and fear being grateful will have a powerful effect

We will be sharing through video and post many more tools to help support yourself and each other through this time.

If there is something in particular you are wanting to see in our videos please post in the comments or contact us.

Much love to you all

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