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We met Manko!!! 

Today we got meet Manko the macaw and create our own paintings of him!

Manko was super friendly and loved checking himself out in the artworks!

It was a great opportunity for our artists to have a structured guide to start and then they could check with the real life manko of colours, feathers etc.

Manko also gave people the chance to face some fears by having him sit on there arm (or head) which was very cool to see and a lot of fun!

Manko is an amazing therapy pet for a dear friend of mine and the relationship between her and her wing man is something really touching.

Thank you Manko and Cathy for coming to visit today it was an absolutely fantastic day!

Looking forward to working with you again manko we may need to do some of your amazing feathers with our new string art!

If you have a group interested in a live art class with us and manko send us and enquiry at or email

To look at all of Mankos adventures check him out of Facebook or instagram @I Met Manko

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