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Hi!! How are you???

Gosh I miss that already! This post is simply to say that we are thinking of you all at this time.

With so much dramatic change and fear about our external world and physical health, it is easy to forget that your mental well-being needs care too. With many already in isolation and the coming months a time of great of uncertainty it is normal to feel overwhelmed by a whole range of emotions.

We want to ensure you that you CAN connect still even when we physically may be alone there are ways we can still reach out to one another, hence us taking the classes online! We aim to host live classes where you can talk and interact just instead of being in a classroom we are at home. We have an opportunity here to really support each other.

The world has tipped upside down at the moment and that is scary. If you are feeling alone, reach out. If you are wanting to connect please join us at an online class. We will be keeping prices as cheap as possible to enable everyone to access some form of creativity through this time.

It's difficult in these times where keeping safe means being separated so we're trying our best to bring everyone together in a safe and encouraging way. The space we are creating will be implementing mindfulness connection and creativity to help everyone connect and join through the power of art.

We can also host private paint sessions with you and your friends or family!!

Many arts, crafts and Painting workshops to come!

We are looking at running online catch ups too to chat with you all just for fun!

Look forward to seeing you what about online classes

Love from Bec and James

Our 1st online recording is up now for just $5

We also have a range of art kits for sale

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Julie Ann you just have to sign in through the website. Have you purchased the video?

Mi piace

Been waiting to find my way with this code thing. Do i have to enter one all the time? Or just this once lol. JA x

Mi piace
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