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The beauty of silhouettes 

As you may see I use silhouttes a lot in my paintings. I love silhouettes as they give you the suggestion of what it is however you decide what that image may represent.

For example the ballerina painting we are doing on Sunday everyone can see she is a ballerina but what she actually looks like or who she may be is up to you to determine. She could represent your daughter who may be 8 attending dance lessons and this is her as an adult, it could be something you want to try or maybe your a ballet fan and it represents your love of the art.

Our Wednesday night class at cua is of a girl on a swing, this could be you as a kid, is she sad? Is she peaceful? Is it your daughter? Is she a representation of child hood innocence?

I look forward to seeing what you decide to create and the meaning it holds for you.

If you would like to join us for these classes here are the event details:


Sunday 11th Aug

3pm to 5pm

Club Pine Rivers

Tickets at:

Night time swing

Wednesday 14th Aug

630pm to 830pm

CUA community hub at Westfield North Lakes

Tickets at:

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