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The art of living in the moment

We have all heard of mindfulness, we definitely use this word a lot but what is it exactly?

Mindfulness is being aware in the moment of our thoughts, feelings, our physical bodies and our environment. It is not just about noticing what is going on but it is about doing this in an accepting and non judgemental way.

Sounds simple but sometimes we are very quick to critise ourselves and drag past experiences or future worry into the right now.

Mindfulness can occur during the creating process as you may find yourself losing track of your loop of past/future should ofs and focusing on what you are doing in this very moment.

Mindfulness is a powerful mental health tool.

I came across this article on the art therapy site I have enrolled in for 2020 and thought it may give some more information about mindfulness and how you can use it in your day to day.

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I have done some ACT therapy as well as CBT it is a great tool! Very helpful with trauma and many other mental health issues ❤️

Me gusta

Laura Harris
Laura Harris
08 oct 2019

There is a great approach to mental health called Acceptance and Comitment Therapy (ACT). Similar to CBT but uses mindfulness techniques and meditation in the approach.

Me gusta
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