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The art of jewellery

I have been lucky enough to have done both of the workshops coming up last year. After the first workshop I enjoyed it so much I asked immediately if they would like to come on board for workshops to share their craft with you all.

Both workshops are run with clear and easy instructions which means you walk away with completed and well made pieces. Ones you can easily make again at home, I have made several necklaces since and love them!!

If you haven't already seen Apple Truck Designs page, go and check out their amazing jewellery (link at the end of the post). The beautiful, detailed pieces are ones the couple are hoping to teach in the future BUT to do this you first need to know the basics and this is exactly what the workshops in March are going to start to teach you.

Another reason their jewellery is one of my favs is it incorporates crystals. If you don't use crystals and are interested in how you can use them in your life to assist with many different emotional needs then these 2 are the people to speak to. I have only recently started using crystals as they keep popping up in many of the alternative healing therapies I have engaged with and I find it fascinating. They have also resonated with my 10 year old son who loves wearing his necklaces as he finds them calming for his anxiety and feels they help him focus - like he's got a little extra help when he's feeling blue. Another thing is they look gorgeous, each one unique which just makes it that little extra bit special.

Like art, jewellery making is super relaxing, another form of mindfulness bringing you to focus in the present moment and clear the mind.

So when are these workshops happening???

Saturday March 13th

Wire wrapping jewellery - earrings and saturn rings

Ricky will teach you how to make not 1, not 2 but 3 rings and a pair of earrings.

1:30pm to 4:30pm

Sunday March 14th

Macrame crystal necklaces

MaryAnn shares with you how to make your own single and double net macrame crystal necklaces with a collection of crystals for you to choose from in your kit, you can swap them later at home to suit your mood.

1:30pm to 4:30pm

Check out Apple Truck Designs at

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