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Taking time to relax - making time to relax

Happy Sunday Everyone!

James and I have decided to add a blog to our page where we can share painting tips and information about relaxation techniques.

If you have a question you would like answered send it through to us at

One message we try to share with people is that taking time for yourself is important. We as workers, mums, dads, students, grandparents and home makers are constantly busy! I hear myself say it constantly “I’m so busy I don’t have time”. The reality is that relaxation time, down time or play time is something most of us actually have to make time for. We struggle to do this – we often feel selfish putting aside the washing or the 100 other jobs to do something for ourself. We also think that once the jobs are done we should just automatically be able to relax, if you’re like me my busy brain does not just relax!

By burning out completely I had to learn the importance of looking after myself. The struggle was actually allowing myself the time to just chill out as I guilted myself with a ‘to do’ list that never ended.

A tool that did help, with practise, was scheduling in time for me. Allocating a couple of hours to do something that wasn’t a job or for somebody else. After years of looking after everyone else and mistreating myself I actually had no idea what I liked as an individual anymore.

The challenge was set to find what I liked, not liked because somebody else said I should or I knew somebody else would enjoy it so I just went along. I told myself to change the “I can’t” thought to “why not” or “I can”. I tried cooking classes, bush walking, basket making, dance lessons, tried new restaurants I never thought I’d eat at and the biggest one was abseiling!

All these adventures led me to trying a painting class – something in that class felt like home, I felt calm, quiet and a funny thing happened I felt like I was being a friend to myself – pure enjoyment! My mind had shifted, I now “could do” anything I wanted to and had found exactly what made me feel connected to me again. It’s not automatic, I believe that it takes practice to make that time for yourself and find what refuels you.

I’m not trying to say that painting is going to be your thing but what I encourage you to do is go and try something new, make that time for yourself and find your happy place! Give yourself that space to get to know what you like again, what makes your soul happy and most of all the freedom from all the chaos of day to day life. You are important!! Make a date with yourself, it’s not selfish, if you don’t work, nothing works.

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