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Take time 

This year's theme for mental health awareness week is - Take time!

This theme is exactly what we try to promote, the importance of taking time for yourself.

To read more about what time years goal is:

We wanted to try and make it a little easier to make some time for you and those you love with some special deals!

Sat 5th - Intro to Watercolour

Save $10 off per single ticket ($35 instead of $45 for return painters, $45 instead of $55 for general tickets)

Save $15 per double ticket ($70 instead of $85)

Sun 6th - Mermaid Island

Save $20 off our double passes! ($65 instead of $85) Save $25 off our 4 pass (4 people for $120 normally $150)

Mental health awareness is not about waiting until a problem arises it's about seeing mental health as part of your health routine, just the same as we look after our physical health by what we eat or exercising we want to look after our mental health so that we feel well emotionally too.

Life is busy and nuts- trust me working, marriage, running a business on top of my job, 2 kids, no sleep, constant bugs are just the normal crazy day to day things and if I don't action taking time I feel it emotionally which then leads to physically feeling rubbish! It makes dealing with my own mental health issues very difficult and I run out of steam FAST!

We don't want to wait for burn out or our mental health to suffer before we do something when prevention is available

You are not selfish to take time, it's self care and self love. Taking time can be difficult when you are busy but by looking after yourself you are looking after the ones around you, how can we love others if we can't love ourselves?

Take some time to do something nice for yourself, it doesn't have to be a class with us (as much as we would love to see you) but just give yourself that time to nurture your healthy self ❤

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