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String pull feathers! 

Drop the paintbrush and pick up your... String!

We are using a mix of Acrylic paint, brushes, flow medium and string to create our very own dream catchers!

Pick your colours to create your own beautiful feathers the colour combinations are what ever you want for your own personal dream catcher.

I will be taking you step by step through how to use this new technique! Don't worry you will have a practice first 😉 you will get to keep your practice piece and your masterpiece.

The beauty of dream catchers are that you can add so many individual styles to the centre of your artwork.

Google or pintrest search dreamcatchers to check out different patterns if you want to design yours in a unique way.

We have 8 spots left for this class so don't miss out!

Sunday 18th Aug

3pm to 5pm

Club Pine Rivers

Tickets available at

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