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smartARTS @ Work

Even in our busy work lives, we need to take some time out @ work.

We have all been to a "team building day", a staff development or planning day, a work conference or a staff Christmas party.

Do any activities at any of these styles of event, stand out as fun, memorable or engaging to you? Did any experience make you feel more connected to your colleagues, management or clients?

A Painter's Dream would like to offer your business that extra "wow" factor with painting or art & craft classes at your next business event, celebration or workshop.

What we can achieve together is only limited by your imagination, time and budget!

Ideas of what A Painter's Dream team building activity might look like:

Paint + Sip social painting classes - venue or loaction - limitless.

Teambuilding painting mural or art & craft activity at your next planning day, conference or Christmas party.

A Painter's Dream uses so many different paint mediums - oils, acrylics, water colour, palette knife, alcohol tiles, henna. And this is by no means an exhaustive list! Art & Craft classes are limitless too. Macrame, uke painting, jewellery making to name some.

Paint class gift vouchers as incentive rewards for staff, clients, suppliers. A Painter's Dream provides gift vouchers for businesses.

A Painter's Dream was founded by married couple Rebecca and James. Our painting and art & craft classes are for everyone - beginners and for people who know their way round a paint palette.

The emphasis for each class is relaxation and trying something new and to learn something new.

A Painter's Dream painting or art & craft classes make for fabulous charity fundraising, private functions, corporate events + team building.

Explore your inner artist and be a smartARTist @ work.

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