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Mistakes, Mess and Magic

I tried something new today. I have been talking about getting into some more abstract work and playing with different styles for classes for some time now.

I thought I would check out a YouTube video to see how it's done. I generally don't like following videos I find it hard and well my video attempt did not go to plan 😂

It was a really good experience though because it taught me what I didn't want to do, I put that one aside and tried again on my own. I want to walk my talk so I decide to "pick whatever colours I wanted". It is scary creating something from scratch but SO much messy fun. I find letting go hard, without knowing how it will turn out I doubt myself. This is why I love painting and the process as it pushes my highly anxious self to let go and to be kind to myself, I had to laugh at my grey blur which had been beautiful magenta, blue, purple with black and white 🤔

After playing around with my 2nd attempt I picked up my "original" and was about to chuck it out but then realised - there are no rules so I started adding colour!

Admittedly I don't like it as much as my 2nd attempt but I'm glad I didn't chuck it, I was able to see ways that even when I felt like I'd crossed way over the point of no return that all is not lost. Even though it wasn't what I imagined it was fun, it was a mess but I felt amazing letting go of expectation and just playing.

I can not wait to share this new painting with you all, leave your expectations at the door and get a little experimental with an artwork that is all about you!

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