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Laughter really is the best medicine 

After nearly 2 weeks of sickness in my household I must say how much brighter I feel today after 2 big classes filled with laughter and getting back into making a creative mess!

Being stuck in the serious day to day of life especially with sick kids (and a sick big kid aka my husband) the emotional drain is real!

It was so refreshing to see people escaping into their own masterpieces, testing their limits as using palette knife isn't always easy it to manipulate the paint and just enjoying each other's company.

Even if you are having a laugh at something that didn't turn out exactly as planned, it is all part of the process - learning and loving yourself through it!

I get the absolute pleasure of working with you all as you create, laugh, panic (everyone has a "oh crap" moment or several) and to see you come away with something you didn't think possible at the start!

Thank you for another awesome weekend I look forward to seeing you at our other new upcoming events, treat yourself it is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, you time, and don't forget to have a laugh along the way

Bec x

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Kerry Andrew
Kerry Andrew
Oct 04, 2019

Your dream has fulfilled so many dreams of others.... I look forward to each & every class and (4 classes within 10 weeks) have you guys to thank for the significant improvement in my own mental health challenges 🥰


Katrina Wagenaar
Katrina Wagenaar
Sep 30, 2019

Thank you so much!!! We had heaps of fun :D

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