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Introduction to Chakras 

This Sunday we are kicking off our new workshops! Introduction to Chakras and colour.

I am very excited for these! I have teamed up with Jodanna who is a reiki practitioner and alternative and Holistic wellness coach. I have had the pleasure of working with Jodanna on some workshops before as well as seeing her personally for reiki sessions.

It has been amazing and something I think so many of us would benefit from. Jodanna's mission is to "help others reclaim a joyfully life, one that burst from a deep understanding of who they are and what lights their unique soul". How good does that sound!!

We are launching these introduction workshops which will be followed up in early 2020 with a series of workshops focusing more closely on each chakra. The introduction classes are designed to allow your creativity to flow with our guided 2 hour painting session as you begin to learn and understand how color can be used to balance your bodies energy meridians (chakras).

You do not have to sign up for the following workshops by attending the introduction workshops, it is totally your choice if you want to come along to another, this is simply a space to learn a little about what chakras are and ways that colour works with them.

If this is an area you have never heard of before or something you are interested in then this is a beautiful step to start with.

Relax and enjoy our 2 hour painting experience with all your equipment supplied and learn something new this Sunday.

Introduction to Chakras

3rd Nov

3pm to 5pm

Kedron Guides Hut 44 Lawley Street Kedron

Tickets available at:

If you are interested in talking with Jodanna about reiki and what she does here is her page link

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