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If you think you can't - think again!

I hear people say all the time that they can't paint or that they can only do stick figures so they don't try. I want to share a little story about one girl in particular who against the odds overcame the "I can't" and created something beautiful.

I have the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing people in my other profession outside of A Painter's Dream who are living with a disability. One girl (Miss M) I have had the chance to work with became interested in my paintings. I started doing a lego picture for my son and showed her what I was working on, we chatted about how she used to love painting and sadly due to her condition she was unable to hold the paintbrush anymore.

It was very special when Miss M gave me her last painting she made in grade 4 before she could do no more and have hung it in my art room as inspiration to this day. As I started to paint more she loved checking out the new pictures we were doing with A Painter's Dream and we decided to give one a go - to find a way to beat the "I can't". We decided to use a technique I have seen used for many different activities by people who no longer have use of their arms - using your mouth!

Together we found that she could hold the little red paint brush in her mouth. Hooray! We started painting again!!!!I am proud to say she has completed several paintings now - including one of her dog Bella which took ages but turned out incredibly!

Miss M has respite stays at Hummingbird House, this is a service for young people who have life limiting conditions to provide the best care for them and their families. Giving them opportunities to do a few of the things they have always wanted to try. The stories I hear about this service are amazing! Miss M wanted to give something back to Hummingbird House by painting a Hummingbird to show her thanks to the staff there, this painting has now been entered into the art competition for Coles Hummingbird House fundraiser and has been selected as one of the artworks for 2018!

If you see these around Coles and can spare the $2 donation please do, the time and persistence that went in to creating that Hummingbird as I'm sure did with all the artists who won is well worth your support.

Hummingbird House Coles Fundraiser 2018 Winner

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