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Happy fathers day! 

Happy fathers day!!!

A day to celebrate all things dad! Fathers can come in many ways you could be celebrating with your dad, step dad, granddad, hubby or someone who has been an incredible role model in your life.

My dad passed away when I was 13 from bowel cancer, this day I used to dread but over the last few years I have been looking at all the wonderful men I've had or have in my life and can now celebrate them and dad.

My dad was funny, he liked gardening and exploring, he had a wicked laugh, he loved to play, he would come home from nightshift with stories and funny strange gifts. One night he came home with 3 green tree frogs for us and I look back on this and have to laugh at the idea of a grown man running around in the middle of the night collecting frogs for us.

My grandpa is golf mad and whenever he would visit from Nz he told us he would pay us 50c per golf ball we collected for him (the big field across the road always had a ball left behind from somebody practising shots). This one visit we very proudly presented him with 3 big bags full of golf balls, I still remember my dad leaning against the wall laughing as my grandpa tried to work out a deal on what was now a very expensive visit. Dad had been working at a uni that had a golf course and had been collecting stray balls for us. The grin on his face was something I will always remember. I see my dad in me, in my sisters and in my boys, I miss him but I am able to see the beautiful gifts he left behind and am thankful for the time I had him. (deep breath, 😢❤️)

I have also been very fortunate to have a step dad who has been there through my very darkest times and I am so grateful for him. It's not easy to come into a family riddled with grief and deal with the years of mental illness I went through but he was a tower of strength to both myself and my family.

I was lucky enough to have him walk me down the isle and have no words to sum up how thankful I am for the person he is.

Last but not least James - I have watched James not only become a dad with noah but openly love and be a dad to Hudson.

To be a dad to a child who isn't yours is not easy and I am amazed every day by the love and kindness James shows to Hudson.

Like every parent he has no idea what he is doing but the strength I see in my husband to grow and try is something I adore him for.

So take today to celebrate the special someone in your life, remember those who have shaped your life and have a wonderful day in whatever you do.

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