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Get in the MOOD

MOOD is a collaboration between Jodanna Goddard and myself (Bec) combining movement and meditation with art for you to explore yourself through colour and your body.

Jodanna Goddard is a beautiful reiki master and the founder of I'm.HER (which stands for Indulgence, Movement, Healing, Embodiment and Raising vibrations). I have been lucky enough to work with Jo and also be a part of her workshops as well as be a reiki client of hers for a few years now.

Jodanna is bringing her passion for movement to the MOOD experience to share with you to reintroduce you to your body and self. Now if you are like me you might read movement and have a mild panic attack but rest assure you are not expected to bust out a full choreographed set of moves it can be as simple as small movement focusing on different parts of the body. It is what you want it to be.

As for the art component, I will be getting you to create your very own colour wheel connecting to your emotions. It's a time for you to see how colour can be a way to connect with your emotions and support yourself in the day to day ups and downs of life.

We will then also create an intuitive artwork. What this means is - an artwork you create that is not led by me, whatever comes, comes to you and just putting it on canvas. It could be shapes, words, mixes of paint, pastels etc. There is no wrong way to do this!

MOOD is on this Saturday (14th Nov)

1pm to 5pm

It will be at the Guides hut which is in Bradbury Park. If you go down Lawley Street, Kedron the park can be accessed at the end of the street and the hut is just to the right.

Hope to see you there for this beautiful event!!

Bec ❤️

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