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Creative kids

We all know kids love being creative but did you know that painting for kids has many benefits besides just being fun?

Painting can help kids to communicate their emotions and feelings without having to use words. Think of when you are angry, throwing a bit of paint at a canvas can be a great outlet!

Painting helps with hand eye co-ordination, this is developed by kids learning to paint what they see and making sure their hand movements match what they see. The hand muscles are also being developed as they learn to manipulate the brush.

Painting helps with focus as the kids learn to focus on detail and pay attention to how to create these elements.

Painting also helps kids learn shapes, patterns and sizes in designs and is a great platform for them to explore their creativity.

Painting also helps with decision making skills as they trial out new colours and positioning of objects.

The list goes on but one of the best benefits is that painting creates an opportunity to bond and spend special time together. All of our kids classes we encourage adults to paint too!

Check out our upcoming kids workshops on the 4th of July - Glow in the dark painting and 11th of July - live painting with special guest manko the macaw parrot. Tickets and information available at

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