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Connect with nature through yoga and art

Join us, for our new holistic events which combine the artistic talents of Rebecca de Vries and Ainsley Moden's slow flowing yoga, for a unique afternoon together as we create mandalas through art and yoga in a picturesque park.

"Mandala" literally means circle in Sanskrit. It is has no beginning and no end, it can represent the whole, the universe, the worlds or the individual. It is the space that holds everything. Mandalas are perfect symmetry. This symmetry brings balance, harmony and unity. Creating a mandala from nature transmits positive energy to the environment and ourselves and has a cleansing and healing effect.

We'll combine a flowing yoga sequence, circling around out yoga mats and in synchronised movement with each other. The yoga element will be Ainsley's slow flowing style which is a fusion of vinyasa and hatha yoga. Yoga and breathwork allows us to shift out of our thinking mind, and clear the way for our creativity to shine through.

After yoga we'll take a walk in the lush green space of Peter Campbell Park, which is a hidden gem in the suburbs of Strathpine and Bray Park. Discover this secret rainforest with ancient trees, vines, native flowers, a flowing creek and open grasslands.

With our mind clear and calm, we can explore and gather our own nature elements. Rebecca guides us to create our own unique nature mandala with flowers, leaves, feathers, sticks, grass and bark. You're welcome to bring your own nature element to add special meaning to your mandala.

Connecting with nature is a brilliant grounding experience, there is so much beauty around us we rarely stop to see and appreciate. Combining the world around us into our artwork helps us take a part of the moment with us, to see things through a different lens and to feel connected to all around us as one.

Ainsley Moden is a Registered Yoga Teacher (350hr) and her business is called Being Grounded. Ainsley teaches Hatha Yoga, Flow & Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative and Kids Yoga. Ainsley's also a massage & reiki therapist and combines energy work in her classes. Ainsley is an earthy soul with a great love of all things natural.

Rebecca de Vries from A Painter's Dream, is a creative integrative holistic art therapist - what does this mean?

Rebecca loves to support others as a whole, through mind and body. By allowing each individual to create their own journey through use of tools such as art, movement, music, meditation and more. Healing and self care is not just about one or the other it is about all of you. It is a journey using the artistic process as a dynamic force for change. Integrative is where we use a variety of arts in combination so incorporating movement through yoga, movement in throwing paint, visualisation and creating with paint is integrative! This helps us to foster awareness, encouraging emotional growth and enhance our relationships with ourselves and others.

This is a 4 hour event held in and around the Calala Drive Community Hall in Strathpine 4500. Includes a deliciously wholesome afternoon refreshments of bliss balls, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Early bird price is $75 per person, before Monday 15 March Please, full price cost is $80. Please BYO yoga mat. Suitable for ages 16 & over.

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