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Catching dreams 

This Sunday the 16th of Feb we are creating our beautiful dreamcatcher painting. If you are wanting to try something new then this class is for you!

Combining acrylic painting with brushes and flow medium with string we will learn how to create big bright feathers that float on the canvas.

If you have never done this before there is no need to worry we will be having a play around on a separate piece to get the feel of the string pull.

This class is a little special as part of the ticket sales will be donated to Eating disorders QLD. I am lucky enough to be here today having battled through over a decade with this illness and now to share hope that recovery is possible. Eating disorders sadly have one of the highest mortality rates of all mental health issues and often coexist with other mental health issues making recovery a complex process requiring treatment usually from multiple sources. BUT it is possible and not only is it possible it is so worth it!

I am in my 5th year of living free from ED and this Sunday I am able to share what I am passionate about,

the connection of art and healing as painting was a massive part of my relationship with myself becoming a kind and loving one.

Having lived through this I understand first hand the importance of support for not only the person with the eating disorder but every one it touches around them. Eating disorders QLD provides valuable individual, group, carers and professional support to Brisbane. I know from my own journey engaging with this organisation has been a very important part of my recovery and of becoming a mentor and speaker.

Even if you have never been touched by eating disorders your help by attending the class is greatly appreciated. It will be a fun, flowing and feather filled afternoon with tasty nibbles, tea and coffee provided.

Hope to see you there!

Tickets available at

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