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Artistic grounding

We have all heard of mindfulness. It has become a bit of a hype word in the past few years but what exactly is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is purposely bringing your attention to the present moment. It is about being aware of the here and now, not the half hour before or the what if of tomorrow.

Creating is a great way to be mindful. Art allows you to focus on what you are doing in that very moment which is mindfulness!

Art for me is a grounding experience. Having anxiety myself, I find painting a moment I get to shut off my worried mind and become completely absorbed in the process of what I am doing.

Zen meditation is exactly that it is being complete present moment, creating is the simplest and most effective way to get out of your head and tune in with your instincts.

We provide an opportunity for you to be present, escape the before and hopefully feel calmer and more grounded for the after. Art also allows you time to process things, you develop a better relationship with yourself learning how to make mistakes, go with the flow and accept your unique style.

I have been struggling like many lately with lows, being disconnected from friends and family, my work, our classes, my new adventure studying which I was in love with and I was engaging in some really great therapy to deal with some ugly issues that I was making real headway with - then stop.

I suddenly was supporting my hubby counselling from home, both kids at home, helping Hudson keep up with school as he has learning issues, noah trying to keep his hungry mind busy, my work transitioned to online, my study went online (which I am terrified of the idea of), my therapy went online which was weird, a custody issue began due to us not being able to leave the house for our high risk family members (James and noah) and our classes being totally restricted to online. I couldn't see my supports and it felt like everyone else's needs were more important than I was in my house. After many tears and a lot of self esteem issues I spoke to James and he asked me "how can I help you get time for you?".

I had no idea - in 6 weeks I had lost a sense of what I wanted rather then what needed to be done. I am sure so many can relate!!

I decided to engage in what I love for me again and also put some of my therapy and study into practice. I signed up to Jodanna's I'm her program a movement and massage self discovery journey which has been amazing dancing in my garage getting back in touch with myself which interestingly enough was a similar program to my unit of study I then had pop up. I also took out my brushes and paints and started painting for me, before this all started I was painting and exploring new things and had promised myself that time at the beginning of this and somehow in the crazy I'd forgotten one of the things I find the most important to my relationship with myself - art time! I've love exploring intuitive painting and creating too (I look forward to bringing workshops to you exploring this process!).

Since speaking my truth and honouring what I love for me I feel so much clearer, more energised and Grounded.

I can only share my experiences with you, your journey is your own. Be it painting, drawing, weaving, clay, music, dance, meditation - whatever it is, doing something that brings you to the moment will emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically ground you in a positive way.

I hope that you are not "finding time" but making time to care for yourself through this curious stage in our lives. Remember we are always here to support you on your creative journey and if there is something you would like to try give us a shout out or you want some advice on how to begin please know we are an email or text away.

Love Bec

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