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Conditions Of Entry

Effective Date: August 10, 2023



A Painter's Dream ABN 30 908 360 744 (referred to in these terms as "A Painter's Dream", "we", "us", and "our"), is dedicated to establishing and upholding a secure environment for all attendees at our studios. Our commitment encompasses adherence to relevant laws, formulation of procedures and policies to systematically recognize, handle, and mitigate risks, while fostering a culture of shared responsibility for compliance.


These Entry Guidelines have been devised to delineate the responsibilities of each member within our community. Alongside our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, they govern all venue visitors, personnel, and guests.


By enrolling for and participating in any Event, you signify that you have read, comprehended, consented to, and had the chance to seek elucidation on any facets of these Guidelines.


Should you dissent from any of these Guidelines, we encourage you to reconsider registering for any Event. For inquiries, please reach out to us at



All attendees pledge to exhibit, support, and promote a climate of safety and respect toward fellow guests, APD Contractors, Third Party Entertainment, and visitors. This encompasses:


1. Maintaining politeness, kindness, and courtesy towards others.

2. Employing inclusive and respectful language.

3. Upholding the privacy of others.

4. Honoring the personal space of others.

5. Respecting Pinot & Picasso property.

6. Adhering to instructions provided by APD Contractors and refraining from disrupting others' experiences.

7. Arriving 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session commencement.


Guests engaging in any discourteous, offensive, indecent, threatening, or improper language or behavior, as well as nudity, unwarranted touching, or inappropriate physical actions prior to or during a studio session, will be denied entry or required to depart the studio, as determined solely by APD Contractors.


Our APD Staff are committed to demonstrating, endorsing, and inspiring safe and respectful conduct toward fellow guests, APD Contractors, Third Party Entertainment, and visitors. This includes:


1. Exhibiting politeness, kindness, and courtesy towards others.

2. Employing inclusive and respectful language.

3. Respecting others' privacy.

4. Donning identifiable uniforms and/or name badges.

5. Offering impartial, respectful, and suitable guidance.

6. Monitoring responsible alcohol consumption.



A Painter’s Dream Contractors


Our contractors may, for the purpose of social media content, internal training, and quality control, record segments or entire private or public classes or events.


Our contractors will announce recording at the start of a class, giving guests the option to decline participation. Photographs or recordings of classes may be employed in promotional material by A Painter’s Dream or associated venues/businesses. While ownership of this media remains with A Painter’s Dream, guest requests to remove their images will be accommodated promptly (within 2 business days of request) even though the media will be retained.


Requests for image removal should be sent via email to with the subject "urgent photo removal request."


Photography of minors is prohibited unless approved by their parent or guardian.


A Painter’s Dream Guests


Guests are allowed to capture photos or videos during their classes, with the following conditions:


1. Images/videos solely feature the capturing guest/group.

2. Photography is unobtrusive to the class.

3. Consent is obtained from Contractors and venue staff if they appear in the content.

4. Filming of extensive portions or full classes is not permissible.

5. Any privacy breaches should be reported to A Painter’s Dream Managers on site.


APD reserves the right to scrutinize, halt, or delete any media suspected of inappropriate content and may escalate concerns to relevant authorities.


Inappropriate media capture may result in immediate expulsion from the class.


If posting on social media, we encourage you to tag us for an exciting interaction!



Third-party entertainment engaged by A Painter’s Dream for certain Events (as advertised during booking) may involve animals or a variety of subject material.


Full body nudity or solicitation of escort services by Third Party Entertainment is strictly prohibited.


Breaching these conditions by Third Party Entertainment or Guests will lead to expulsion from the venues, imposition of a future event ban, and potential involvement of local authorities, along with potential fines or penalties as per applicable laws.





For the protection of guests and , contractors and venue staff, video surveillance and silent alarms may be operational.




Studios and equipment will undergo regular cleaning/sanitization between classes. Please notify APD contractors of any issues requiring attention.




Considering the nature of the activity, we request that all guests wear suitable, comfortable clothing. Clothing displaying profanity or insensitive messages is discouraged. While protective aprons are provided, A Painter’s Dream assumes no responsibility for clothing or personal item damage.


Items to Bring (or Not to Bring!)


Guests are advised to limit accessory items brought to classes due to space constraints. Lockable storage for valuables is unavailable, and A Painter’s Dream disclaims responsibility for any resulting losses or damages.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping)


A Painter’s Dream venues strictly prohibit smoking, including e-cigarettes or vaping, within their premises.


Catering & Allergies


A Painter’s Dream employs local business and catering services. These products may contain or come into contact with: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, soy, lupin, wheat.


Please inform us of dietary requirements, food allergies, or intolerances during the event booking or beforehand. Although every effort is made to accommodate these needs and prevent cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee allergen-free food. In the case of medical attention, the relevant information shared during Booking Registration will be shared with emergency personnel. Costs of treatment will be borne by the attendee.


Consumption of the provided food is at your own risk, and we disclaim liability for allergic reactions or health issues.



During emergencies, follow directions from APD Staff and familiarize yourself with Emergency Exits for potential evacuations.



Events are generally for guests over 18 years old, and we take responsible steps for alcohol management, including:


1. Refusing entry to intoxicated guests.

2. Providing drinking water.

3. Encouraging responsible alcohol consumption.

4. Removing intoxicated guests from the studio.

5. Adhering to Responsible Service of Alcohol practices.


The following beverages are permissible for BYO:


1. Beer.

2. Wine.

3. Cider.

4. Premixed sealed beverages.


Consumption of shots or straight liquor is prohibited, as is mixing separate products in-studio.


Supplying liquor to minors or allowing them to drink in a BYO venue is illegal. A Painter’s Dream strictly prohibits underage drinking and reserves the right to deny entry or eject violators. Fines and penalties may apply as per laws and authorities.



A Painter’s Dream retains the right to:


1. Temporarily or permanently refuse entry to the premises.

2. Require departure without refund for breaches of these Entry Guidelines.

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