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Welcome to our family
of painters & dreamers

When people look at art they often find themselves saying "I could never do that" and they are right! The reason for this is, nobody can recreate a piece of art exactly the same as anyone else. The 'art' is to learn to embrace your own ideas and make the piece your own. The creation of something unique and individualised is where true beauty lies. 


Our painting classes, on Brisbane's northside, will teach you how to do each painting with step by step instructions and guidance. The end result however, will be your own vision coming to life.  Your effort and results will amaze you as you will see how unique your work really is.

Founded by married couple Rebecca and James, A Painter's Dream was born from a mission to create a safe and relaxing community space for anyone seeking to meet new people and explore their artistic side.


Rebecca and James believe in the value of allowing people to sit in an environment that safely encourages free expression and self-exploration. They offer a range of classes and locations to do this in.


A Painter's Dream is here to welcome you and to explore your inner artist.

Meet Our Team
Rebecca De Vries
Founder & Artist

"Painting has taught me to find calmness in the chaos of life. This sounds simple, but it was something that I found incredibly hard to do – be still, be quiet and be peaceful.


For over a decade I was unwell and struggled through some intense life challenges that pushed me to the point of feeling lost, not knowing who I was, feeling restless and constantly anxious.


I started searching for things that I felt connected with - things that felt like 'me'.  I booked myself in to do an art class and it immediately sparked something in me I felt I’d been missing... and I loved it! I found that calm, happy, grounded feeling I’d been searching for!

Sharing painting with others is something that makes me truly happy. I love hearing people express the same feelings of calmness, relaxation and peace when they are part of my class.


Classes are designed for everyone. I see whole families come together and couples sharing special time with each other. Having the opportunity to see people become enveloped in this relaxing process was the driving force behind starting A Painter's Dream. I found peace in all of life's chaos through painting and strive to share its therapeutic qualities with others."

"Rebecca introduced me to the painting experience when we went to a painting class as one of our first dates.


I didn’t know what to expect as I had never done painting before. To my surprise I loved it.  Sharing this painting experience with Rebecca, I laughed and smiled through the whole process.


Immediately after our art class first date,  I recognised the therapeutic value from the painting.


It allows people to sit and hold a space to process emotion, thought, and to relax. Painting holds immense cognitive strength.


We both wanted to bring this shared experience to others and provide a safe, friendly and productive space for self expression. 

My background as a registered counsellor also allows me to connect with people in our art and painting classes.  To allow them to overcome their self doubt or reservations and immerse themselves fully in the painting experience." 

James De Vries
Founder & Managing Director

Andrew Walters

Artist & Class Facilitator

Andrew is an international contemporary artist who enjoys experimenting with different techniques and media.
He has been a part of collaborative art shows at The Brisbane Powerhouse and other smaller exhibitions with his art.

He has been involved in art auctions which were raising money and awareness for the homeless and domestic violence charities.

"Working with A Painter's Dream gives me the opportunity to teach, to encourage and to challenge myself as an artist".


Requel Tamati

Artist & Class Facilitator

"Hi, I'm Requel. I'm compassionate and caring and this comes across in my art work. I love showing others they can do something they never thought they could and art is a great way to step into something creative and fun." 

apd emily.jpg

Emily Hansell

Class Assistant

Emily is a visual artist working across a range of mediums, including photography, drawing and painting.


She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) in 2017 and currently studies teaching


Rebecca Ivkovich

Artist & Class Facilitator

Bek is an illustrator and commissioned artist. She mainly works with oil, acrylic, spray paint, watercolour and pencil. She works on a lot of fine art pieces, pin up, street art and partial abstract.

She enjoys teaching people how to paint and giving them confidence with their art. 

"Anyone can paint really, you just have to start, and if you like it.. keep painting more, maybe even practice. People have these outdated notions that ‘I’m not an artist’ but that’s not true, you just have to keep picking up that paint brush. As my art teacher said to me years ago, 'keep going, take risks, and one day you’re going to really surprise yourself'. And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun!"


Bec D

Class Assistant


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